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Residential & Commercial Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

You won't believe what a difference a freshly cleaned carpet can make to the look and feel of your property. Red Carpet Cleaning inc., of Warwick, Rhode Island, offers only the best carpet and rug cleaning services at prices you can afford.

We use a three-step multi-cleanse process featuring a high-quality damp foam to thoroughly clean your floors. Our experts pre-extract and pre-treat any stubborn stains and traffic lanes before cleaning the carpet with a shower feed machine. We then perform a second extraction that will leave your carpet about 80% dry. This is followed by an inspection for any remaining stains.

After inspection, we disinfect, deodorize, and apply stain guard to the carpet. Finally, our crew hand-grooms the carpet, leaving the fibers standing and dry. Your carpet is ready to walk on within three to five hours!

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We provide regularly scheduled cleanings during the spring, or before and after the holidays. Our experts also provide cleaning reccomendations when your carpet indicates a traffic lane, contrast, or contains odors and stains. We also specialize in Oriental and fine, handmade rugs.

A cleaned carpet not only makes your home or business look better, it also helps those with severe allergies by significantly reducing dust, dander, and pollutants. Our crew is also trained in treating all pet odors and stains using our proprietary enzymes.

Contact us at (844) 921-3096 in Warwick, Rhode Island, for quick-drying carpet cleaning services.